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Cleaning Services in Fort Myers – A clean office and workspace is not only important for your reputation it is also important for your employees. Removing waste in trash receptacles, regular vacuuming and/or cleaning carpets and flooring, maintaining a sanitized break room and restrooms helps your employees function in an orderly work environment, aids in keeping allergens from the air and overall provides a healthier workplace for everyone.


First time house cleanings can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours depending on the size of your home and the level of buildup present.


Silvana’s Touch Cleaning is not your standard janitorial and commercial cleaning company. Many janitorial companies, both large and…


Silvana’s Condo Management to keep your condo in fine operating condition. Don’t let plumbing, repairs or pests take one hour…


Make ready service – Your boat is the second largest investment and needs to be cared for to maintain its beauty…


Silvana’s Touch Cleaning provides house cleaning coverage in the following cities:

Fort Myers
Bonita Springs
Cape Coral

Comprehensive Cleaning Services in Fort Myers

When you need cleaning services in Fort Myers for your home, office, or business, your first call should be to Silvana’s Touch Cleaning.

That’s because Silvana’s Touch Cleaning offers a full range of cleaning services in Fort Myers and other west central Florida communities.

Since 2001, Silvana’s Touch Cleaning has been one of the leading residential and commercial cleaning services in the region. Our professional, experienced cleaners have worked in hundreds of area homes and businesses, providing some of the most comprehensive cleaning services available anywhere.

While we specialize in home and office cleaning, we also offer move in and move out cleaning, retail cleaning, and much, much more.

Cleaning Services in Fort Myers for Rental Homes and Condos

The west coast of Florida is home to thousands of condos and winter homes whose owners live hundreds or even thousands of miles away. In many instances, these owners will only come to stay in their properties once every few months. Or they might rent out their property to vacationers.

In both cases, Silvana’s Touch cleaners need to get into these home and condos before the guests arrive to give them a thorough cleaning. Then, once these guests leave, cleaners return to provide a follow-up cleaning.

It’s a unique cleaning job because our clients seldom if ever interact with our cleaners in person. Yet we have built our reputation and our client base by being one of the most reliable, trustworthy home and condo cleaners in the industry.

Cleaning Services in Fort Myers for Condo and Home Management

But Silvana’s Touch Cleaning provides more than just cleaning services in Fort Myers for our remote condo and home owners. We also offer management services.

When owners don’t live in their properties year round, they can’t always see when there are plumbing issue, pest infestations, or minor repairs that need to be made. But we can.

We work with dozens of area property owners, supervising their homes and condos and arranging for any and all outside contractors and other services that may be required.

Cleaning Services in Fort Myers – Our Magic Touch

Silvana’s Touch Cleaning offers the comprehensive cleaning services in Fort Myers you need for your home, business, or office.

Whether you are a year-round resident, own a rental property, or manage an office or business, Silvana’s Touch Cleaning is the reliable, trustworthy, and capable cleaning company you need for all of your home and business cleaning needs.