When most people think of commercial cleaning, they imagine cleaners vacuuming offices, straightening up desks, and emptying office trash cans.

While cleaning offices is certainly a large part of our business at Silvana’s Touch Cleaning, commercial cleaning also includes a lot of other types of cleaning jobs.

Commercial Cleaning Services Boston — Manufacturing and Industrial

 In addition to cleaning office spaces, we also work with manufacturing clients to perform commercial cleaning services in factories, warehouses, docks, and other industrial operations.

Especially today, as businesses streamline operations and use specialization to keep their employee rosters lean, there’s a move toward outsourcing cleaning services among manufacturing operations. We have clients with all different types of work environments, including assembly lines, shipping and receiving offices, and even high-tech businesses.

Commercial cleaning in manufacturing isn’t all that different from offices. We just work with the client to identify the specific needs they have, what unique steps they want us to take, and we can handle the rest.

Commercial Cleaning Services Boston — Retail

Another growing client base for Silvana’s Touch Cleaning is retail operations. Stores in malls, in urban areas, and even freestanding stores in rural towns all need to ensure that their retail spaces are neat, orderly, and clean. It’s critical to make a good first impression with the customers coming through your door. So if your store is messy, disorderly, or just not perfect, it could cost you not only one sale, but many others through word of mouth.

Retail stores generally do the majority of their hard cleaning overnight, when they are closed, so they don’t interfere with their customers’ ability to get the products they want.

We work with retail operations to provide the deep cleaning they want overnight so when the unlock the doors in the morning their customers can find a neat, sparkling clean business.

Commercial cleaning today means more than just offices. At Silvana’s Touch Cleaning, we work with manufacturing, retail, and many other types of clients.