What our Clients are Saying about Our ServicesNot everybody needs a maid service to come in and clean their home or business regularly. Many people actually prefer to do their own housekeeping.

But sometimes there are situations where you may need a little extra help. For example, you may be hosting a big party or event at your home and are too busy organizing everything to give it the deep cleaning it needs. Or maybe the business that regularly cleans your office has called off sick or has some sort of unexpected emergency that prevents them from showing up on their scheduled day.

At times like these when you need extra help, all you need to do is call Silvana’s Touch Cleaning. Even if you aren’t one of our regular clients, we will still be more than happy to give you the kind of cleaning you want for your home or office.

Cleaning Services Naples FL — Changing Cleaning Services

In fact, this is exactly how we have developed relationships with many of our regular clients. They brought us in for a short-term job and were so satisfied with the quality of our cleaning that they hired us to do regular weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly visits to their home or office.

Another common way for us to get new business is when people are dissatisfied with their existing cleaning service and want to try out other companies. When you put the experienced cleaning professionals from Silvana’s Touch Cleaning up against other local cleaning companies, there is no comparison. Our service is superior in every way.

Cleaning Services Naples FL — All Kinds of Cleaning

See for yourself. Call Silvana’s Touch Cleaning for a scheduled cleaning appointment for your home, office, retail business, or any other kind of cleaning and let us prove to you how good we actually are.

You won’t be disappointed!