If you are the kind of person who pays close attention to the details of your office, you may have noticed that the trash can under your desk, in the breakroom, or elsewhere in your office almost always have plastic trash liners inside them.

There’s a reason for that. Unlike your home office that is usually used only by you, trash cans at work are used by many different people. As a result, all kinds of things can go into office trash cans.

Commercial Cleaning in Fort Myers FL — Liquid Is the Enemy

Trash that is thrown into office trash cans is mainly paper. But there also can be such things as discarded disposable coffee cups, water bottles, and other items that contain liquid.

Liquid it the enemy of office sanitation. That’s because it can serve as a conduit for the reproduction of bacteria, mold, and other unwanted organisms.

Commercial Cleaning in Fort Myers FL — Keeping Offices Looking and Smelling Fresh

Office trash cans typically are emptied every night by your professional cleaning crew. But depending on your cleaning schedule, it may occasionally be less frequent. For example, a coffee cup thrown into the trash on a late Friday afternoon could potentially sit in the trash all weekend.

That’s more than enough time for germs to reproduce, creating an unsanitary environment and an unwanted smell.

Commercial Cleaning in Fort Myers FL — Controlling Office Odors

When plastic trash liners are used, trash and any germs that could be growing inside it can be easily and simply removed. But when there is no trash liner, liquids can pool inside the trash can creating an unwanted odor that can waft throughout your office.

Plastic trash liners are an affordable, effective, and efficient way to control the spread of germs and help keep your office looking and smelling its best.